Raw Access Logs did not roll-over

Opened a support ticket (#6205474 and #6205128) but never got a response.

[quote]Hi there,

Just a heads-up that my Raw Access Logs did not start a new file for March 9.

So “access.log.2014-03-09” contains all of March 9 and is still adding March 10. A new file wasn’t created for March 10.

The file is manageable on my end, but if this continues, at some point it will get too large.[/quote]

And of course the stats report didn’t create for yesterday, March 9.

Still no word from Dreamhost support.

just out of curiosity did your server get rebooted? And what happaned for the 11th? (I guess it wont be the 11th yet tho for just a bit :stuck_out_tongue: …it already is where I am but not where the server is.)

I remember something like this ages ago, where logs continue to build after a re-boot. Thinking about it now tho, I’m not even sure it was dreamhost.

The account is on shared hosting. I’m not aware of any server changes, nor any changes with the web site associated with this account. In other words, I haven’t noticed any web site down time.

I don’t care much about the stats report, but it does give me a ball park number for visitors. Most of what I use is the raw logs, which I run through various filters and programs on my local machine.

Voila! Logs rolled over.