I’m new to the forum, but have been a customer of Dreamhost for over a year now. I host a podcast that I currently update/maintain through an iWeb built website, and host here. For some obvious reasons, I need to get rid of iWeb (though, I really like it) and switch my podcast to another web builder. I’ve been told and read that Rapidweaver is really good (though I’ve not been able to fully comprehend it just yet) and that I should use RW to rebuild my site. Now, I’m not a very technical person, can’t code my own website so I rely heavily upon the WYSIWYG style web building program, which is why I really like iWeb. So, my main question revolves around my podcast feed. As I mentioned, I have a podcast and have for nearly 2 years. What I need to know is, how do I get my podcast feed into a RW built website, and not lose my subscribers? All the files pertaining to my iWeb site are housed on my DreamHost account. Thanks! Al




save yourself some stress (and money). install wordpress, find a good (free) theme for it and try out various (free) podcast plugins available for it.


I had thought of doing that, actually do that with my other two podcasts, but a few things make me pause: the website I need to replace is “dynamic” in that it has a couple listener contributed photo pages (I upload the photos actually), custom site banner and graphics, and how would I/how easy would it be, to move the WP site in and replace my iWeb site currently residing on DreamHost? Thanks for your help!!


you would not have a problem having similar functionality with wp for what you were doing with your other website. it actually might make it easier. you would be able to have user generated content (as in they can upload images themselves with the proper permissions) and you could publish them or not publish them at your discretion. if you use wp already it should not take you much time to get this other site up and running with it.