RANT: when did you guys change FORMMAIL?

I have "catch-all"s on all my domains. I don’t really get much spam

So a couple months ago I set up Form Mail for Contact on each domain for those users who use Web-based email.

I used the “short” version for “recipient” since I have a “catch-all” address. I used “contact” as the username.
Worked GREAT because I have a “catch-all” account.

I just went back and checked and NOW I get an ERROR page saying I had to use an Email Address Hosted with Dreamhost!

When the hell did THIS CHANGE HAPPEN?

I’ve just created a “contact” email address on each domain NOW that FORWARDS to my catch-all account and THAT seems to make Form Mail work OK.

Did I miss an announcement about this? wtf?

problem is solved, I’m just ranting.

I’m not sure why it would have worked at first… becuase this has been the situalte for at least a year since I signed up. Glad you got a work around set up though.