RANT - Screwy SQL databases

My SQL databases have been behaving badly for a week+ - Slow or no connections, primarily. I don’t really expect 5 9’s, but close.

What is going on and when will these be reliable again?


same here

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If any of your databases were on orangey.dreamhost.com, you may be in luck. My highest-load database was on that machine, and tonight I got a message saying it’s been moved to a new server. After the move, my site’s response times are MUCH better.

Same here and not on orangey: Fatal error: Could not connect: Lost connection to MySQL server during query in /home/.katsumi/…

i moved mine and still having this problem :confused: even took my forum offline and installed a fresh one and still having high loads @ 5am so i know its not me =( whats the problem.

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I feel your pain Gnissem. I’m on dinero and I got that error message a couple of times as I was working on my site today.

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Yeah, my site is down too… MySQL that is…