Random php source in output

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Each time I upload a file, parts of it get echo’d at the top and/or bottom of my php scripts. Each echo is unique for a .php file. Like index.php will always echo the same garbage, and other files have different stuff on top.

This will stay until I upload again (it seems like the compiler messes it up somewhere when recompiling new php files).

An example you can find here:

Look at the source and you see part of a php file which is eventually correctly executed.

The code was duplicated from a dedicated server with php 4.3 which had never such problems. I work with “require_once” calls.

Anyone have a clue in which direction I must look? How is it possible that code gets added persistently to the output buffer? I tried in one file edditing a bit. And sometimes changing:

<?php echo "hello" ---------- to ---------- <?php echo "hello" ---------- helped. But if it is because it echo'd a part of the file which was empty, or if it really solved it, was unclear. Why would removal of an enter help at all? Regards, Rutger


It looks like it’s possibly skipping an include to me.

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If that was the case, the script would’nt have worked I recon. The script works fine (well, internal server errors 50% of the time cus it’s a pretty have script).