Random oddness when tracerooting redline

This is just kind of a geeky quark but I’m curious as to whether anyone out there has any input to add. redline.dreamhost.com is one of the shared servers hosted at RagingWire in Ashburn, VA. Since some other people were having some issues (with Irving, but it got me interested), I wanted to get more information on my host. No matter what router I use, when using traceroot to redline.dreamhost.com by the 3rd hop (if not sooner) I’m normally on AboveNet until the next to last stop, which is always theblizz.com (

The IP falls under one of DreamHost’s many IP blocks (in this case but it seems to be an outdated site run by a Mr. Tony Ravelo (heh surprisingly it’s registered with GoDaddy, seemingly during 2009 for 5 years). This question is open to everyone, but those with experience/knowledge of the inner-workings of BGP/AS/etc. would be great. I’m basically curious as to why this is and if it’s something that should be corrected.

Outdated reverse DNS. That IP address used to be a unique IP assigned to the customer you identified (in another datacenter), but it’s now a router. For a variety of complicated, annoying reasons, the old reverse DNS entry for that IP was never cleaned out, so it remained when we reassigned the IP.

Since you mentioned it, I’ve gone ahead and flushed out old reverse DNS entries for that network, and a more accurate (but less interesting!) hostname for that router should show up soon.

Thanks Andrew, I figured it was something alone those lines. Aww but now I feel like a took a little fun out of the network. Must add new nodes based on characters from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to make up for it!