Random 404's in WordPress



I’m pretty sure that Dreamhost’s answer to this will be “get PS”, but I do have to say DH is the only provider I can find that seems to have issue with random 404’s while using WordPress.

It’s as if the thread killing process is just a little too trigger happy. As far as online service providers go, web providers are a dime a dozen. There’s plenty to go around.

Even when using PS, the problem still persists. WordPress is a fairly staple item, all things considered it’s fairly well written. But the problem with random 404’s appears to be largely a Dreamhost problem and has gotten severely worse with the new server migrations since last year.

Even bare minimum WordPress installs using the “one Click installer” are subject to issues just “out of the box”. I’ve got a couple sites that have “a lot” of plugins, and others that have nary a one. Same deal.

The thought of bailing to a different provider is always there, but again - anytime I’ve had an issue with DH where I’ve needed support, they’ve been prompt, the fix is done right the first time, etc. I’ve got no reason to complain, certainly not for the price it costs, but this is frustrating.

Is this a more common problem, or am I somewhat alone with this? GoDaddy, king of up-selling and profit squeezing doesn’t have this issue, or use WordPress in any nature to egg you into VPS for the standard installs, so whats the deal here?