Random 404 errors and slow forums



When I’m in the dashboard, I get random 404 errors as I’m doing admin duties. I typically get kicked out of the dashboard entirely and am presented with a 404 notification on my site. Also, my members have been complaining (and I agree with them) that my forums are running slowly. Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot the 404 and speed issues?



A 404 is a file not found (yes, you’re welcome, I know that was obvious :wink: ) and WP throwing those is generally the fault of a plugin redirecting you to a weird place.

First make sure your .htaccess is okay, then turn off all the plugins that MIGHT be used when you’re doing those steps.

What kind of forum are you using? bbPress ?


I had wondered if it was a plugin issue. How do I go about making sure my .htaccess is okay?

I’m using the Simple:Press forum plugin: http://www.webcomicunderdogs.com/forum


The default .htaccess looks like this: http://codex.wordpress.org/htaccess#Basic_WP