RAM usage/How to know if you need a VPS?


How much RAM can you use with shared hosting?
Is there a point where if you use too much RAM your processes will be terminated?

I plan on using a compiled CGI app written in Real Studio Web Edition and those app tend to be RAM and CPU hogs. Although once a user disconnects, the app quits, so it will not hog the machine for very long each time it runs and I don’t expect too many hits per month.



About 90-100MB, although no one will admit that in writing.

You can see if your processes are being killed by looking in the error logs or contacting support after suspecting that they are for verification.


If your process uses too much memory on a shared server, it will be killed by DH.

How much memory you can use on a shared server, I’ll say it is based on the load on the shared server. I am not able to give an exact figure.


Hey Patrick, what makes you think that? I’ve done a few simple tests, nothing very scientific, but it seems that around 90-100 MB seems to be the limit for a single process. If you have multiple users and multiple processes, I have no idea what the total would be.

It would be cool if the resource limits were flexible based on server load though. I have a report generation function that I’ve rewritten several times to keep it from getting killed. It may run up to once a week, for around 20 seconds or so, but because I have to limit the memory to around 60-70MB, it runs up to 120 seconds. It’s a shame because the amount of time I’ve spent rewriting the process just for such rare usage is really a waste. Flexible limits would be great!


So when you say a process gets killed, is that an automated thing, or is a human actually checking loads? Who/what decides when/why something should be killed?


There are no humans at Dreamhost. It’s all automated. The robot’s name is procwatch


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