RAM limit for Shared hosting accounts?


[size=large][color=#FF0000]What is the RAM limit for Shared hosting accounts?[/color][/size]

If i want to install a vBulletin / IPB (min. 130MB RAM required) forum i can or is not possible on Shared Accounts from DH?

Thank you in advance.


~90MB. You can change it with a custom php.ini, but if you set it too high, the procwatcher will kill it. DH won’t officially give a number on how high is too high, but in my experiments, you can’t go too much over 90 without being killed.


Thank you for your answer. But …
Damn, this is very wrong. Please i need help!
I have few forums on my shared hosting account and really ~90 MB are not enough. (LoL)

It’s this possible to increase RAM limit to 130 -256MB for shared, i mean a custom value for some 1-2 $/month. ??
I will be very very very happy !!

Is 2012 and you think 90MB RAM is a good choice?
I can’t pay hundred of $ for VPS or DEDICATED server only for 3 non-profit forums (I mean free online communities). LOL

@bobocat LOL, i don’t want to be killed i just want my few forums to see them works good!


Create your custom php.ini as was already suggested to you.

I run a busy ipb forum at DH with no trouble.

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I am truly sorry that you misunderstood my signature, was my fault and was removed. :frowning:
(Initially it was a funny picture and did not know that not going to add animated gif)
Again sorry, my fault.

About php.ini, i was set like this
memory_limit = 256M
allow_call_time_pass_reference = On
post_max_size = 25M
upload_max_filesize = 15M

Still very slow for me, and i am in Europe right now in Bucharest, Romania (with 97MB download speed and 1MB upload speed) and like i said too slow.
I tried CF (CloudFlare) is worse, I left only with this Google Page Speed ​​seems to get better.

I am 80% in EU i will try to find a host with some % limits for RAM.