RAM, CPU usage and Wordpress

Hi everyone,

I got a problem in wordpress admin area, (of all my wordpress websites) like www.siriusblack.org , or www.fash.fr I have a lot of 404 or error 500 trying to edit post, or just load all posts or medias (in wordpress admin area).

This problem come from 1 week, since I have more visitors on my websites. But I don’t understand what I really need. I try to update to a VPS, but some errors new keep going (like : “we couldnt reach the page you were looking for” and after F5 a lot, it was working (sometimes yes, sometimes no), so I decided to come back to sharehosting.

I try to :

  • disable all plugins
  • uptade wordpress
  • change htacess

but I still got errors, I am sure its linked to CPU, RAM, because I got more visitors now. What can I do to fixe that?

If you are sure this is the cause, then you know the solution: VPS. If you had problems with VPS before, it might be because your memory was not set high enough. You would need to access your error logs to determine the exact reason.

two things could cause the errors you mentioned. One has already been identified, increased traffic requiring an upgrade to a VPS. While MANY things are Unlimited on sharing, memory and CPU usage are not. When those are getting used up, the next step up is a VPS. Watch you VPS usage closely tho and/or install ottodv’s PS Manager, or you could end up paying as much or more as you would for a dedicated server.

Secondly and unmentioned so far, if you have made recent changes to plugins or themes, try undoing those changes. Plugins in general can get memory hungry alone, and then to make it more confusing and harder to figure out, certain COMBINATIONS of plugins will cause things to thrash back and forth and eat up more memory and CPU than the idvidual plugins would use when used alone.

In other words, you mught be using plugin A and B and never have a probolem, but add plugin C and then plugin B will no longer function efficiently. Alot of this is trial and error, but if you post the plugins you are using im sure you will get some feedback.

Also, if your not using a plugin called login lockdown, get it and install it. It blocks hackers from attempting to crack your admin login. The hackers can eat your memory and CPU trying…even if they never get in.

As much as I love login lockdown, it can eat your memory/cpu too :frowning: I checked your error logs and they have a lot of “Premature end of script headers” but NO records of login attacks being a problem for you at this time (yay!).

Perhaps ironically, the plugins you have for security may be the issue. wp-protect, block-bad-queries, AND login-lockdown? The issue there is you’re asking WordPress to protect itself, which is naturally going to be slow. Another fast way to slow your site down? Related Posts plugins :frowning:

The VPS errors sound like you were still in the midst of a DNS change (we are moving your server, so yes, there’s some shuffling there).