Rails with restful_authentication plugin


I’ve been creating an application that uses the restful_authentication plugin to provide login information. It works perfectly on my local installation, but when I try to deploy to Dreamhost it gives me all kinds of errors. Are there any known issues with using this plugin on Dreamhost? Maybe there is a gem that I need to install?

Any ideas would be most appreciated. The error starts out like this: The error reads LoadError (Expected user.rb to define User), with user.rb showing its full path.


I’m getting a ‘unitialized constant UserObserver’. I think the cause of this error may be due to an old gem. Dreamhost has acts_as_authenticated installed as a gem which may conflict with restful_authentication.

Is there a way to remove an old gem?

I got it to work. A couple of mistakes on my part. If you chose google apps for managing email, be sure to set the gmail settings for smtp and add a file for handling tls as mentioned here: