Rails problem

I followed the directions by typing

Rails mysubdomain.domain.com

But for some reason instead of seeing the rails welcome message all I’m seeing is the directory structure. How do I get this working?

I have consulted both the wiki and this person’s blog: http://www.davethewave.it/rails-capistrano-dreamhost/

The command “capify” doesn’t work for me, even though apparently capistrano is installed by default.

another thing is that support tickets are not working for me.

How do you mean that? Are you not getting a response, or are you not getting answers that help with your problem?

Note that if for any reason you did not receive a support response email because of an email issue (on your end, or on DreamHost’s) you can see all the DH responses to your tickets in the archive available at the Control Panel -> Support -> Support history screen.


For some reason the Submit button is greyed out, so I am unable to send any kind of support ticket for help. The website is luckless.org and I’m on the melrose server. Is there any way you can help me through this forum?

Are you contacting support from dreamhost website or dreamhost panel?

What internet explorer are you using?

Have you tried to use a different internet explorer?

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Are you talking about the “submit button” on the control panel’s last screen of the “Contact Support” series of pages? Have you completed all the required information on those screens?

I’m sorry, but I am not proficient with rails at at all, and am not the right person to help you with that.

I was only asking about what you meant when you said that support “was not working” for you, and now I’m even more confused. Are you able to use the Control Panel at all?

Note that the control panel required the use of cookies and javascript - so make sure that cookies and javascript are enabled in your browser.