Rails, Permission Denied

When i go to install rails on a subdomain it wont let me…

[wilshire]$ rails /home/pjleonhardt/rails.doublebogeydesigns.com
create app/apis
Permission denied - /home/pjleonhardt/rails.doublebogeydesigns.com/app

It will allow me to do it on the main domain, just not this subdomain… Any thoughts?
Or do I even need to do this step, given Rails is supposed to be pre installed? I’m a newb to Rails and am looking to learn it.

i had the same problem. and there’s an easy fix. basically, you need to create the directory first, then create the subdomain, then run rails rails.yoursite.com

hope this helps!

Sorry if I sound daft, but what directory do I need to create?

and how would I go about that given that the subdomain isn’t created yet…

I appreciate your assistance.

see http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/Ruby_on_Rails for some good instructions on how to start a new rails app.

Yes, I checked that out before posting here. It was those steps I was following in which the error occured.

No matter, I figured out the problem. The folder’s owner was root instead of me.

  1. make the directory in your /home that houses your rails site:

shell> mkdir rails.mysite.com

  1. in the dreamhost panel, you’ll want to add a new subdomain under the domains section: rails.mysite.com

  2. wait an hour or so for the subdomain to propagate. it takes forever ;(

  3. once it’s propagated, you can then setup your rails framework:

shell> cd; rails rails.mysite.com

let me know if this gets you goin

I’ve got the exact same problem. When I created the subdomain, there was no pre-existing folder to point it to. The panel created the folder with root ownership, and hence its useless to me.

What did you do about your “root” situation? Delete the subdomain? Email Tech Support?

Nevermind. I emailed Tech Support about the permissions problem and they fixed me up within a few hours.