Rails + Passenger

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I can’t get a rails application running on passenger following the directions here:

The app runs fine with ./scripts/server. Has anyone gotten Passenger running recently? Maybe the wiki needs to be updated?

The app is really simple. I just followed the tutorial here:

The error page mentions something about a missing library, but I think the app just uses rails. The error also says something about missing application files, which is curious since the app runs with scripts/server. There aren’t any problems in the apache or rails logs.

The error page says this:

A source file that the application requires, is missing.

It is possible that you didn’t upload your application files correctly. Please check whether all your application files are uploaded.
A required library may not installed. Please install all libraries that this application requires.

Further information about the error may have been written to the application’s log file. Please check it in order to analyse the problem.

Error message:
no such file to load – application (MissingSourceFile)