Rails on Dreamhost... ANYONE made it work?

I am a Rails Newbie and was following this guide:

but I am failing hard at deploying it to my DH account and getting ANY rails apps to run. I even tried a new DH host and build the demo app direct on my host. The generic rails splash page but if you click on the ‘application environment’ link or say the /users/ path in the demo app all you get is 404 errors.

I can’t seem anywhere to locate a concise list of the specific config changes you need to make to a rails app run on DH.

Here is a link to the app in question:


I created an empty project and then ran:

rails generate scaffold User name:string email:string (I did run rake)

so http://rails.wavefront.ca/users/ should work but it doesn’t.

ANYONE willing to struggle though this with me for the benefit of other newbies like me??


Have you looked at this?

And this?

These links are both out of date and do not help my issues. I did stumble across some other links and have it up and running. I am going to post a separate reply with my fix(es).


Ok I am close. I stumbled across this link http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Getting_Started_with_Ruby_on_Rails

First thing I did was

to maintain compatibility with Rails 3.0.3 which I am stuck with on DH. I also added

to my Gemfile. I am reading that mysql2 is faster and I was going to use mysql anyway.

I am also following a few items from this page http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Rails:

[server]$ mkdir ~/.gems [server]$ cat >> ~/.bash_profile export GEM_HOME=$HOME/.gems export GEM_PATH=$GEM_HOME:/usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8

Also the full path for /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/bin/bundle is required when you rake because its not in the default path (how do you fix this?)

I then finally figured out that my app was in production mode while I was playing with the demo and creating updating the dev databases but not the production ones thus the app failing. I forced the app in dev mode and it works.

How do you get rails to create the database schema in the parallel production databases??