Rails + java problem

First of all, I’d like to say Hi!

I’m not sure on how to search for previous posts with the specific info I need, so I’m going to start by asking.

I have a RoR app that handles invoices for me. Everything works fine except for the PDF generation.

My RoR app calls a java app (Xhtml2Pdf) via a Ruby ‘command’ instruction, that will convert a html file in a tmp dir from html to pdf and then serve it back with a ‘send_to’.

My problem is, when run by RoR, that ‘command’ instruction will fail to parse the .html into a -pdf.

When running on a shell, with the same args as the RoR ‘command’ it works just fine.

That tmp dir is chmoded 777, so I’m out of ideas right now.

Anything is welcome!