Rails. i give up

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I’ve been banging my head against the wall for two weeks trying to get even the most skeletal rails application running on dreamhost. I can’t. I give up. I don’t care if you call me a troll, or a newbie, or whatever. Has anyone gotten a rails application to work here? If you have, can I describe my setup and maybe you can tell me what i’m doing wrong?
I’m using the latest version of Rails (I updated today), I have my environment variable set to production, I’ve doublechecked my database info three times, I’ve tried redirecting routes.rb to a scaffold (a SCAFFOLD, for Pete’s sake!) and it still doesn’t work. I tried running it in development mode. Nothing. THE GOGGLES-THEY DO NOTHING!
The only progress I seem to have made is graduating from a “Rails failed to start properly” error to "Application Error (Rails)"
Has anyone gotten past this?


I have an app running at http://fanmail.nerdbucket.com.

But it only works sometimes. I have the ever-elusive intermittent 500 errors that have no error log data…

So I’m not sure I can help you. Although in my case, it at least is running more often than not, so who knows, maybe I can help. My first suggestion would be to take it out of production mode and see if you get any useful error messages.


Thanks man. Actually, the issue turned out to be my table names, though I had to go digging through the error logs to figure that out. It’s working ok now.