Rails:Capistrano problems

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I am trying to use capistrano to deploy my app do subdomain I created on DH.
I am getting strange error which is probably due to something on my machine.
c:\InstantRails\rails_apps\RevereNet>rake remote:setup
(in c:/InstantRails/rails_apps/RevereNet)
rake aborted!
undefined method `namespace’ for #Object:0x3d691f8

as you can see, error is such that I have no idea what can be wrong. In rake tasks I find namespace but why it is not seeing it is beyond me.

Hopefully someone here will know what I can do to make this work, this was supposed to be easy thing to do.

Again, thank you for help before and now.

Zeljko Dakic


Hi Zeljko, (It’s me, Bruce from the Chirb meetings)

Just a guess: you’re deploying from a Rails 1.1 dev environment to a Rails 1.0 hosting environment, right? Namespace might be new in Rails 1.1, and to the extent that Rails/Ruby on the DH side needs to cooperate, it just doesn’t understand the newer magic. Yet another guess: you may have to push up a frozen Rails 1.1 to what will be the vendor directory in your DH deployment. And, very likely, I might be way off base. Good luck!



Hey Bruce,

thanks for your post, this makes sense. I really had no idea what it might be or where to look, so I will try this for start and see what comes out.