Rails Caching Problems

Just curious if anybody else is having cache problems with Ruby on Rails, I’m running Typo so maybe it’s an issue with this CMS and not Rails, per se.

I figured in development mode, my pages wouldn’t be cached and in production mode everything would be cached. Turns out that no matter what mode I am running in, everything is cached (CSS, Images, etc…).

It’s a total pain in the arse to have to manually clear the cache everytime I upload a new version of a file, anybody found a fix for this?

Nobody? What the heck?

First, check config/environments/development.rb:

ActionController::Base.perform_caching should be false. If it’s not, make sure it is.

DH has set the environment variable RAILS_ENV to production so if you have the line

RAILS_ENV = ENV[‘RAILS_ENV’] || ‘development’

at the top of your environment.rb, then your app will always be in production mode. I bet this is the problem. To get around it, just get rid of the ENV[‘RAILS_ENV’] || part, so the line reads

RAILS_ENV = ‘development’

Good luck,


Awesome Apterigo, that’s what I needed. I didn’t realize there were those config values in there. Although I can’t get my Rails app to run in development mode, I just altered the production.rb file to not cache (I’ll turn it back on when I’m done developing).

Thanks again :slight_smile: