Rails beginner

I reading through a Rails book, just getting started. I’m trying to get a development project started, which the Dreamhost wiki states is ‘not supported’. I started the scripts/server and it worked on domain.tld:3000, but that process seems to get killed within a few minutes. I made a symlink from ~/rails/project/public to $mydomain/rails and shows that page, but nothing seems to work like the WEBrick.

I’m somewhat lost. What the best way to get a beginners setup rolling so I can follow along in this damn book?


For running rails apps on Dreamhost, you need to either use CGI (the unusable painfully slow way), FastCGI (the old way), or Passenger (the new and recommended way).

See http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Passenger


You probably shouldn’t be doing development directly on Dreamhost’s servers. Generally, you will do development on your local PC and only use Dreamhost to deploy a production environment.