Rails apps died

Anybody having problems with their rails apps? Mine all seem to have died on Sunday (June 25) for no apparent reason. I can’t bring them back to life no matter how hard I try, nor can I find any helpful errors in the logs or anywhere else. I think I’ve walked through just about every “Rails on Dreamhost gotchas” tutorial there is.

I’m stumped and customer support isn’t exactly leaping at the chance to help me out :frowning:

I’m having the same problem today since having to restart one of my apps. I’ve tried everything I can think of, even running through the wiki to see if I could find any helpful hints to no avail.

After further debugging it appears to be related to FastCGI. I could run my site fine with WEBrick and even under (Slow)CGI, which is how it is running right now.

It’s been over 5 days and this still hasn’t been fixed. The turnaround time on DH’s customer support seems to be consistently hovering at 2 days. I write them asking for help, they write me two days later telling me to check out the “rails gotchas wiki”, I write them back telling them I’ve already done that, two days later they write me back saying “ok fine, I guess we’ll try and help you”.

Frustrating to say the least.

Extremely frustrating indeed.

I made sure to include in my support request that I had already run through all the gotchas, so hopefully I won’t have to wait that extra couple of days to get things going like you did Justin.

This seems to be an ongoing issue with DH and Rails, now I remember why I have shyed away from running too many of my sites on Rails-based applications here at Dreamhost.

I just finished doing a bit of work in my app through webrick. When I killed webrick through terminal, I decided to give the site a try again to see if anything had changed, and lo and behold my site is back up and running again for the time being…