Rails application error after Copenhagen crash

I run a Rails app on one of my domains – “Tracks” – just for my own private amusement. Unfortunately, my domain was on Copenhagen, which crashed and burned for two days earlier this week. Well, since it came back up, I haven’t been able to get the Rails app up and running again, and I just don’t know enough about it to diagnose the problem. I’m a Rails user, not a Rails hacker.

The app just displays a 500 error: “Application error (Apache)” … I can clear the cookies and the app login screen appears to be working fine so I know the app is running, but once I log in it’s 500.html all the way down.

This just started after the crash, yet I can’t figure out where to look for the problem. Any advice?


Have you looked in /home/yourusername/logs/yourdomain.net/http/error.log yet? Chances are there’s an error message getting dumped into there.

I have looked; the logfiles are empty…