Rails app works on localhost but not on remote!

So…I installed Rails on my hosting account, and it gave me the index page that says congrats, set up your default routes and rename/remove this page, blah blah blah…cool!

Did the same thing locally…again, success…

So I threw together an intro page and configured routes.rb, poof! Got my intro page on localhost!

So I tried the exact same thing, exact same route, EVERYTHING…remotely, but now…I just get a listing of the contents of the “public/” folder…

What should I be looking out for???

By exact, you mean you manually did the same things or you actually copied the files? If the former, you did something different. There’s a typo somewhere. If the later and you are developing on Windows, there may be differences such as using backslashes (on Windows) and forwardslashes (on the server).

I’m using a Mac, actually…I copied the files. When that didn’t work, I actually regenerated the controllers and such and typed manually. Same problem.

Okay, basically, I guess what I’m saying is…Rails is 100% ignoring routes.rb. I even tried renaming it just to see if it would error out; it didn’t.