Rails App & Root URL

Howdy, I am trying to upload an existing rails application that I wrote to my root domain. IE- www.mydomain.com . I haven’t seen much written on how to do this in Dreamhost and I was wondering how it is possible. I successfully used the "ln -s myapp/public www.mydomain.com/public method but I do not want the root to immediatly have to be forwarded to a subdirectory. Thoughts ?

In the DH control panel where you set up web hosting for your domain you can set the directory that apache serves as the root. Normally it is set to ~username/www.example.com but in this case you will want to set it to ~/username/www.example.com/public

Thank you , this worked. For anybody wondering how I did this. I created the web directory to mysite.com/public . Went into the shell and did a ln -sf myapp/public mysite.com/public .