Rails app db settings

I’ve been trying to deploy a ROR app to a new Dreamhost account and I’m having some problems.

Currently, after starting my rails server and going to my site, I get an error from Passenger which says

Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2) (Mysql::Error)

According to the wiki, the problem is that my application is attempting to connect to a DB server on the localhost but, in my database.yml file, I have the following:

hostname: <mydb.url.org>

where the text in <> is the domain name I registered for my DB server.

From what else I’ve gathered, adding a socket: parameter to the yml wouldn’t accomplish anything and, indeed, my experimentation with that has been fruitless.

Aside from the socket error, I get these two messages:

Your application’s database configuration file might be written incorrectly. Please check it and fix any errors.
The database server may not be running. Please check whether it’s running, and start it if it isn’t.

It doesn’t sound quite right to me that the db server isn’t running. I think it’s much more likely that I’ve done something wrong in the yml.

just to be clear you shouldn’t have <> in the actual .yaml file.