Rails & Apache Problem

Hey everyone,

Since Support has been backlogged I wil try to get this resolved here. I have a rails app at www.ministrycentered.com that just won’t start, I have gone through every tutorial and nothing works. But I found out something interesting: I made a subdomain test.ministrycentered.com and pointed it at the exact same directory with the exact same settings as www.ministrycentered.com and it works while www.ministrycentered.com still does not. I am thinking this might be an apache problem. Any ideas? Oh and I have included the apache error below


[Sun Feb 5 22:09:13 2006] [error] [client] FastCGI:
incomplete headers (0 bytes) received from
server “/home/ministrycentered/ministrycentered.com/site/ministrycentered.com/public/dispatch.fcgi”