Radio button value not showing in dreambook


I run a guestbook for my local badminton club which allows members to write match reports. I am trying to add some functionality with “win” “lose” “draw” radion buttons. But the only value to appears in the guestbook is “win” - no matter what button is checked.

Here’s the “sign guestbook code”:

Result win loss draw
Score (eg 9-0)

And here’s the code for the entry (this is all done via the dreambook control panel)

{{name}} [[name]] {{/name}}










Submitted by: [[mail]]


Every field but the radio button works fine. Any ideas why?

Thanks in advance


PS The actual drambook is viewable here (it’s been messed up a bit since I started playing with it)

Try putting the opening form tag before the table, rather than inside the opening table tag. And your form hasn’t been closed. Do this after the final table tag.


Thanks, Chell. I just tried that. Unfortunately, the problem remains. No matter what radio button is checked, the value “Win” is always returned.

Any other ideas?

Sorry, but no idea. Looks like your radion buttons are right, so it sure shouldn’t be limited to “win.” And I’m not too familiar with the dreambook tags anymore, but that part looks right too. The reason I mentioned the form code fixes is that a missing or “off” tag can mess up an entire form. So on that note, you might try giving your reporter, name and score fields an input type of text.