Quote thats got me worried

Hi Guys,

Sorry this probably isn’t the right place to ask but i’m a big fan of dreamhost and have been working on a directory site over the past months which is about a week away from opening but today when i recommended dreamhost to another user in the script creators (www.phplinkdirectory.com) forum one of the admin there said (and i quote):

“Research them

I personally know phpLD users (experienced ones) that got sucked into the low prices for prepay of a year that have experienced the whole index injection one time to many

1&1 is an other one I would not trust with my files they had/still do?? a nasty problem with the whole OOPS server had a problem all your files are gone hope you had a backup that happened at least yearly”

I just basically need some reassurance that dreamhost is good to go with phplinkdirectory.com script and will not have any holes that cause me problems later. For a start this is for a client of mine and second I have moved 95% of my websites to dreamhost and if any flaws occur then i’ll loose all faith.

Thanks for your time, sorry about blabbering on, i just need to check!


Poorly written code left in a web-accessible folder was likely to blame.

Userspace is locked down by default:


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