Quotation marks getting stripped from HTML


When I upload HTML or PHP, for some reason dreamhost is stripping out quotation marks and spaces from my spans, div, etc.

For example:

You can view my website:

I also uploaded these for testing:

For the most part this isn’t a problem, however it breaks some wordpress plugins, and if I want to do some fancy things with CSS they may not work. This is budding me to no end, and dreamhost’s technical support is not being helpful at all.

If anyone has run into a similar issue give me a heads up how to fix it. Thanks!


What plugins are you running, if any? Consider turning most of them off to see if it still happens.


Currently I have no plugins installed. This isn’t a Wordpress issue. I had at once pont deleted all of Wordpress and was putting my own HTML up there and was still getting this issue. This is definitely a server issue.


Check the settings for your domain in the DreamHost Web Panel. You’ve got a feature turned on that you want to turn off :wink: