Quota with different address from yahoo/gmail/etc


I have the following forward-only set up

-patt@cheslerassociates.com (DH account) set as forward only
-Bob@mail.com sends mail to patt@cheslerassociates.com
-mail forwarded to patt@yahoo.com
-reply from yahoo interface, using patt@cheslassociates.com as “from” address
-Bob@mail.com sees patt@cheslerassociates.com as sender.
-yahoo address is only known by me.

I understand there is a quota for sending to multiple recipients and number of emails sent per hour (100 accordingly to previous posts). Does this quota apply for my set up? If it does, is there a way to use test@cheslerassociates simply as an address label, but uses yahoo for hosting? (our company has unlimited emails with yahoo)

Our company works with international affiliates and we need to CC many recipients. 50 mails an hour, 5 recipients each (per 1 account). That’s 250 emails an hour, simply not possible with the quota.


Depends how you are sending those emails.

If you are logging into the yahoo web mail and sending them then you should check to see if yahoo has outbound quota’s. a quick google seems to indicate this would apply: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/yahoomail/mailplus/pop/pop-50.html

If you have a php process on a dreamhost server that’s actually originating those emails then the dreamhost quota would apply. http://wiki.dreamhost.com/SMTP_quota


Thanks for the info LakeRat. Are you saying it’s possible to log in yahoo and send mails, through DH address as sender, using yahoo’s quota? I am a little confused about when SMTP quota applies and when it does not.


It matters what smtp server is sending the email. If you are logged into yahoo and send the email, the yahoo limits will apply.

If you are sending mail from a dreamhost process, et al… the dreamhost quota will apply because the dreamhost smtp server is in in play.


Thanks I get it now :slight_smile:

For anyone looking for similar info:

Forward-only does not go through DH server at all, therefore DH quota will not count. If you set a fully hosted email to forward mails to another server (in my case yahoo), regardless of sender address, it will still use DH quota.

Easiest way to confirm this: in your control panel, go to email. For full hosted addresses you will see a link called mailbox manager. If you can click that link and log in, that address will use DH quota. If not, then it is forward-only/garbage, and will not use DH quota.

A DH tech support also answered my question about this, so here is her summary:

Hi Patt!

The simple answer is that SMTP quotas apply to full mail accounts that
send mail from DreamHost’s servers. If patt@cheslerassociates.com was
a full mail account with an inbox and a login & password, all the emails
that it forwards to yahoo would be counted against the quota limits.
Mail sent from Yahoo’s website, if it is done using an SMTP connection to
login to the DreamHost mail account, would also count against the quota.

BUT, for you and your setup, because you have
patt@cheslerassociates.com forward-only without a login, there is no
SMTP quota. If you have any other questions or issues, please let me
know, I’m always happy to help!