Quota exceeded, HELP!

I searched around and found the problem-- I had an artificial limit set on my default email address, not realizing that it also imposed that limit on my site space also!

So I changed it so that there was no limit and saved the changes. The status read, “changed” for a while, then turned to “active”. But the problem is still apparent, an error that I’ve exceeded my storage quota!

I verified with my Disk Usage panel that I’m only using a quarter of my plan’s storage space, what gives?!?

I thought that when the change reads, “active”, that the change has taken effect. Is there something else going on or is the delay longer than I thought?

It happened to me quite a long time ago, and it wasn’t on DH, but it was the case that I couldn’t upload anything because the server hadn’t recognised the space I had available, and it had to be fixed by the host, so it might be a good idea to contact support and get them to reset it, just offered as a suggestion.

Yeah, thats what it was! I had to contact Support; at first they were stumped-- then I explained the actions leading up to the error and they were able to fix it. Thanks for the advice!