Quicktime streaming


Does anyone have quicktime steaming working??


Have you read the Dreamhost Wiki article on Quicktime streaming?

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Yes. Here’s one of my few attempts at streaming:

Once I realized that I didn’t care if people saved and passed around my content, plus the fact that I never could get the streaming settings right, I put the content in standard mp4 format on my main site.

EDIT: Removed the URL tags


Tried a few different iterations of the link. All returned 400 in the stream.


I just pasted that url into my quicktime player, and it wouldn’t play. That is the same problem I have with my test movie. If dreamhost can’t stream the movie straight into the quicktime client program, how can it possibly work to visitors on my site???

Scott, I’m curious about using mp4. Is it as fast as streaming? (assuming that streaming could ever work).


That was weird. The bracketed URL tag prepended http:// to the link. It’s just an rtsp URL, which does work. I copied the link from my browser upon successful viewing of the stream.



MP4 (or just the standard .mov format) is as fast as you want it to be, depending on how you exported the movie. I just found it easier to tweak all the quality settings without having to worry about making it steaming-friendly.

Someone well-versed in streaming would probably have better (i.e. more professional) results.



Yep, mine pretended http too. Hey Scott, that’s a great little movie. Way to go. So at least I know that dreamhost can stream movies.

I am going to build a very quick test movie and try again.


Scott, would you mind if I look at your site to check out that mp4 system?

If you don’t mind, what is your site?



I just ftp’d a test movie to my streaming folder. It still won’t stream.



It says Not Found, which makes me think it’s not a format problem, but that the file’s just not there. My movie file is actually in:

There’s not actually a movies.pmbc.org subdirectory inside the domain directory.

For someone wondering about the format of my movie, I think that QuickTime can do a Get Info on the stream to tell you the settings.



Hi Scott,

My test movie is inside the streaming folder that was created when I set up quicktime with dreamhost. That is where it is supposed to be (at least that is my understanding). The streaming folder is in the root and is only visible via panel.

I’m confused. Is the movie of yours that I watched in a different folder location??? (other than the streaming folder)??

I went to your site but could not find an mp4 file. Where are they located??



Finally, I have the answer. Support says the problem is theirs. "Okay, so I’ve gotten an update on this matter. Apparently, the QuickTime
Streaming Server is having the issues that it is because of the way that
our admin team has set up your server cluster. Basically, since
everything in that collection of servers is plugging along on its own
network segment (completely isolated from parts of our network to test a
new security model) things aren’t going to work until we get a server up
and running for QuickTime Streaming on your cluster. I’m terribly sorry
about this!

It’s something that’s been on our plate for ages, and a member of our
admin team will try to get this remedied as soon as we get the hardware
in to set it up. Fortunately, there’s new hardware being delivered next
week. I know you really want to get to things now - and I don’t blame
you at all - but that’s honestly what is going on and why you can’t set
up QuickTime Streaming Server on your site now. Please accept my most
humble apologies for this."

The above is from the DreamHost Support Team.
I was getting very tired of staff asking if I had read the wiki. And I was ready to change my praise of dreamhost to a warning that they should not be used if a person wanted to stream video. But I really like the honesty of this message and my faith in them is renewed.


It’s always a good feeling to know you’re not crazy. I hope it gets up and running soon.