Quicktime Streaming Not Working

Hey guys, first off I <3 the DreamHost service and have been recommending it for years, even though I only recently bought my own service package. I enabled Quicktime Streaming yesterday and everything seemed to go well, but the directory has yet to appear in my home directory more than 24hours later. I decided not to use the default subdomain of “streaming” and instead used “qts”. I don’t know if this was the cause of the problem, even though it shouldn’t be I know as a PHP programmer of 4 years how these things can happen =p. If anyone has any input (from an admin mayhaps?) I’d be interesting in hearing it. If not I’ll try creating an entry with the default subdomain to see if that is in fact the problem.

Just for completeness, I wanted to post so say everything is working great now. Something odd happened that didn’t cause the directory to be created on my site (adding it myself didn’t seem to change anything), contacted support once and they fixed it up, but it didn’t seem to be working then either. Apperently it just needed another day for settings to fall into place because the exact same files that wouldn’t stream one day worked perfectly 24 hours later. Let the streaming begin!