Quicksilver server - error id: "bad_httpd_conf"


My sites are all on Quicksilver. But, all but one site has been back online since last evening. BUT, I have one site still offline. I have submitted support tickets but received no response other than a general message that there are issues on QUicksilver. I understand there are issues with Quicksilver but do not understand why all my other sites work except for this site. I MUST get this site back up and running. This is the error:

Site Temporarily Unavailable
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.

error id: “bad_httpd_conf”

The general support message says that “other services (email, MySQL)” are not effected. Yet, I cannot access the MySQL database associated with this website either. Can anyone provide me with any kind of help or guidance?

I’m getting really desperate here. The client who owns this site has a completely website driven business. He is extremely upset and ready to lose his mind.

I NEED to get this site back online. Please help…anybody!!!


Same problem here. From yesterday, all my sites down, and from last hours, the most of websites are up again, but someones with the same error: “bad_httpd_conf”.

And other ones, Error 500, Internal Server Error, after a long timeout…

No solution from support. Nearly 2 days down and counting…



many times you can solve that error by just goign to manage domains in panel, click edit for the domain, don’t have to change anything and re-save it.


Thanks. Now I can’t connect to these domains directly… Very long downtime, nearly 2 days and counting…


Thanks so much for the advice. I tried going in and simply saving without making changes. Unfortunately, it has not solved the issue. (If only it had been that simple it would have been wonderful but, alas, not.) Thanks anyway though for taking the time to respond!

Well, at least that confirms I am not alone. I was concerned that the issue with my one site was a glitch–one forgotten setting or something that simply needed to be fixed–but I was so frustrated that I could not seem to get Support’s attention to address it. Now I know that they are likely overwhelmed with other people like me who still have sites down.

I wonder, is there any way to access the MySQL database files without logging into MySQL? I have finally been able to log onto the server for the down site via FTP to download copies of all the files. But, I am not able to access the databases.

Thanks so much for your reply!


Also try clicking the DNS link under the domain name and going then clicking the GO button under the “Refresh DNS for this domain” message on the next page.


The Quicksilver Server is being migrated to a new server due to a Raid controller failure.
Its almost 2 days down. I want to express my inconformity on this, altough it may be worthless.

Is there a way to escalate support tickets? I would like that higher rank executives know about this. Because its a single server maybe they are not giving it priority.


I don’t believe there is a way to escalate a support ticket. It appears we are at their mercy. They have not updated their Support Message in over 18 hours. I don’t understand why they are not making an effort to provide updates. At least if they would provide a reassuring message that lets us know that they understand our sites are down and are working through a plan to resolve everything, it would be more reassuring. As it is, I’ve seen no reasurance at all that the issues will be resolved any time soon.

Thanks so much for your additional advice. I have submitted the request to refresh the DNS. I’ve seen no change thus far but it has not been very long. Regardless, thanks for taking the time to reply!


If you look around the forum here you will find out this is a common complaint.


Our sites have been down for days. When is Dreamhost going to get this fixed? What recourse do we have? I need to get my sites back up. What other options would you suggest?


2.5 days down, and counting…


3.5 days down, and counting…


5 days down, and counting…


7 days down and counting…


Right there with ya, pal. Next time, I’m getting a hosting provider with a phone number.