Quick "Thanks" to Dreamhost support


To counter some of the negative messages in this forum, I just thought I’d post about my most recent interaction with support.

Yesterday I noticed a bunch of bogus e-mails coming to me from "various-addresses@myhost.dreamhost.com". I deleted them and went on to other things.

Today a few more came in, and then I got a message from Dreamhost saying that they’d shut off e-mail coming from my account on that host.

Why is this good news? Well, the whole problem turned out to be my fault – a poorly coded form. They not only

o) stopped the problem from affecting other users on the shared server
o) promptly and politely notified me of the issue (before I’d bothered to tell them that I’d noticed a problem)
o) helped me understand the problem well enough that I could fix the problem with a couple of minutes work

Administering shared servers is a hard job (especially when folks like me think they can develop dynamic web sites :-), and I’d just like to thank whoever’s in charge for setting things up so that this incident could be handled so efficiently.


May I ask what the specific problem with your form code was? I have begun to notice a few emails similar to the ones you describe, but I’ve been unable to find fault with my forms.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog


It was simply a form that had a single text box for input and sent the input to a hard coded e-mail address using the PHP mail() function. Dreamhost suggested using one of those “type in the letters you see in the box of squiggly characters” confirmation screens or some other strategy to ensure a real person was completing the form. My solution was to remove the form (since it had outlived its usefulness), so if anyone has specific recommendations on how to foil the misuse of the form, I’d appreciate hearing about them.


You mean a CAPTCHA. That seems like overkill to me, but it may prove to be necessary if I get more automated submissions.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog


Thanks for posting this nes. It is not often that we see a positive thread on these forums. :slight_smile:

I guess it is natural that the loudest noises will be made by the minority having problems, but this can give the impression, especially to potential customers, that everyone hosted at DreamHost is having major issues, when this is far from the truth.

Glad to hear that DreamHost handled your issue promptly and efficiently.

You are right, running shared servers must be a real nightmare and not something I’d like to attempt.

As an example; You often see posts in here from people who have received warnings, or had their sites moved, due to excessive CPU usage.

But really, what is the alternative for DreamHost? If they let the excessive resource usage continue, they will soon hear from the hundreds of others sharing the server. Much better to warn and/or isolate the offending site and allow the user to make the required changes to rectify the situation. In many cases the only real solution is to move away from shared hosting to a dedicated box.

I think the plain fact is that many have an unrealistic expectation of what to expect from shared hosting.


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I have to agree 100%!

I have not had to contact DreamHost support much, but when I did I found them to be far more knowledgable and helpful than the support available from previous hosts.

Sure, they can take a little longer to reply, but you generally get a good clear answer to your problems.

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