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I’m looking for a webhost who’ll let me host other people for free because I have a couple of friends whom I would like to offer websites to because they hate free things like proboards and the like. Is this something that DreamHost allows you to do on their shared plans? Could I host my friends if I bought a shared plan, or host anyone else for that matter? It’d be a forum that I’d be hosting for people.

You can host as many domains and friends you’d like. But remember:
You are responsible for their content and obeying the Terms of Service
• They don’t get total access to all areas of account management, but you can give them quite a bit of control
• If you host their domain, then they decide to buy a plan here, they can’t use a discount promo code since they’re not a “new” customer


You could also register a domain and host all your friend’s websites in the unlimited free subdomains that are provided with every account.

Picking up on Scott’s third point, if your friends later decide to get hosting accounts of their own they can signup for hosting here and submit you as a referer and you’d receive a referal credit on your account. This would be a way they can pay back your initial generousity.

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OTOH, even if your friends want their own accounts later, they can always continue to leech off of you for the initial domain that you host for them under your account.

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Your friends can have their own ftp, their own domains, their own shell access, email, mysql, etc.

However, you will be responsible for making sure they stay withing DH TOS.

A word of caution - don’t give anyone your control panel user name and password. That means you will also need to be responsible for changing anything like adding email addresses, subdomains, etc. They won’t have access to the control panel.

That is correct. If any one of your friends breaks TOS, your account may be closed and all domains will be closed.

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