Quick question

Hey Guys,

i have a very simple question and it’s related to my new website.

Does dreamhost servers host files bigger than 2GB, eg… i have a 2.6GB 1 piece EXE file, will this host support that size for direct download.

Thanks in adavnced


I believe the server and file system will cope with the file fine. However, Apache and/or most web browsers will be limited to 2GB, so it might be best to compress the file or split it up into multiple pieces for download.


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is it possible to wget the file to the host server then zip it there.eg… download the whole 2.6GB file then zip it in to 4 - 5 sections.

if so, how can i do this method

thanks in advance


Yes you can. Just log into your account via SSH and you can run wget and the zipping or tar balling from there. For help see the wiki article on SSH. I forget exactly how to put the file into chunks but you should be able to find instructions with a little help from google.

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