Quick Question before i signup

Hi all,

just a quick question before i sign up.

What i am thinking of doing is to have one domain fully hosted here and then i would like to have another domain just hosted here for the MX or the POP e-mail for that domain as i would like to redirrect that domain to another website for the A record. for my second domain i will not do any hosting here just for the MX record for that domain.
is this permitted firstly? and secondly is it possible to achieve the setup i am looking for?

Hope my question is clear.

thank you,

I know we did it the opposite way. We had a site hosted here and had the mx records for email going to an outside server.

I think you would have to set up your DNS records on the webhost where you’re hosting the site, but I’m not sure.

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hi Crimson thank you for the reply.

i currently have the domain hosted on mydomain.com for the dns etc. so what i was wondering is if i would be able to signup here and put a main domain on there, which is np at all, then this second domain i have currently on mydomain.com for the dns to change the pointer there for the MX to point to my dreamhost account for the MX for that domain, and still leave the domain hosted on mydomain.com.

anyone know if this cna be achieved? or is there a way i can maybe move the domain to dreamhost and then have the MX here and then redirrect the domain to another A record host.