Quick question before I sign up

I just wanted to clear some stuff up before I sign up for DreamHost.

Can I bill even if I live in Quebec?

That’s all I have for right now.


Yes, that should not be a problem at all. I am from Australia and I have no issues with billing (I initially paid using PayPal).

It is worth noting that you must use a credit card (or direct debit card or similar) to pay if you intend to use a promo code from the person who referred you to DreamHost.

Also, the 97 day money back guarantee only applies if you pay using a credit card.


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I’m from Portugal and I also used Paypal (with a promo code and no need to confirm), but things changed since then, thanks to some fraudsters.

But even if you have “to work” a little more to get hosting here, do it. It will be worth it…

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Apparently nothing changed with paypal.
But there can by verifications constraint with CC.

PS : i’m in France

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Are you sure nothing has change with paypal and promo codes? previously you could use a promo code and pay using paypal, but last time I checked you needed to pay by CC if using a promo code.

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I’m not even sure if that would require any more fraud detection than US orders, as many places seem to limit their business to US & Canada.

I’d just add that some non-US customers complain that it takes a few days before they’re activated, but it doesn’t seem like too many people complain about it (here at least), so it might only be a handful of countries that get an extra thorough review. If it seems like it’s taking too long, you could always contact them and see if they need anything else from you to help speed things up.

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I have a question…
Will a debit card with the master card logo work ? This is the card --> http://www.hdfcbank.com/personal/cards/dc_int_elg.htm
I am having troubles signing up. At first I got an error code 12 but after a few attempts it started saying Card already in system please use new card. I am trying to buy the crazy domain insane plan with a promo code. So I mailed the support and I got a quick reply saying try again. But I got the same error 12 again. Is there something wrong that I am doing ? This is the first time I am trying to buy some web space :(.

Rohit Arondekar

I have used a Visa debit-card at DreamHost in the past with no problems. MasterCard is shown in the billing section of the panel as a valid card-type, so it should work fine.

The ‘card already in system’ is not an uncommon occurrence when something goes wrong during the first sign-up attempt. The only way I know of that this can be rectified is by contacting DreamHost sales and having them remove the card number from the system, which you have already done.

As for ‘error 12’, I have no idea what that is telling you. Perhaps you should write (again) to DreamHost sales and they might be able to shed some light on the situation.


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