Quick question about Jabber

I’m interested in running one of these services, but I was just curious what kind of bandwidth and space usage can I expect? I only plan on using it with a couple friends, but I couldn’t find this kind of information in the knowledge base…


I’m not sure that the Jabber IM costs you any bandwidth at all.

Does e-mail cost bandwidth too? Or is it only traffic on the web server (http+ftp)?

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I think Dreamhost counts your SMTP traffic but I am not 100% sure. As for Jabber, I don’t know but IM doesn’t use much bandwidth anyway.


For shared hosting, we just count HTTP and FTP.

Seems not, now. The Bandwidth report has been improved recently. It now says explicitly “Web MB”, “FTP MB” and no “email Mb”.

Given the omission from T&Cs on this matter, could DH confirm email Bandwidth doesn’t contribute?