Quick query on subdomains


Hi folks,

I have my main site setup etc etc fully hosted by dreamhost, but I want to add a subdomain hosted by myself using my DH domain name…
ie… www. for my DH hosted site and home. for my personal site (access to my WHS2011 site and other bits…)

Currently I have this setup on on DH where the subdomain is set under redirect directly to the IP address. But in the redirect box it says;

I don’t want it to do that =/
How do I set this up properly so when I visit home. it stays as home. and not change to the IP address in the redirect?



Delete your redirect first.
Go to manage domains in the panel.
Click the DNS link that’s right under the fully hosted domain in question.
Fill out the section for "Add a custom DNS record to YOURDOMAINNAME.COM"
in the first blank put “home” or whatever you want, leave Type dropdown on A, put the IP address in Value. Click Add record Now button.

Adding a new subdomain this way propagates in DNS pretty quickly (15-30 minutes for me usually), but remember it can take 12-24 hours or longer to reach all the nameservers. This is not a dreamhost thing, it’s just how DNS works. Also changing an existing record will always take longer than adding a new record, due to caching of the old value.


Many thanks for that LakeRat,

That’s now setup and ready to go :slight_smile:
The old home. redirect has been removed and I’ve got a new home. added as instructed.
For now it’s still redirecting the browser to my IP Address, but I’ll keep checking throughout the day.

On a side note, does the web panel API support for changing that new records’ IP address if needed?
Actually, it only looks like if I want to change a value, I would need to delete and recreate it - but that’s ok.


The apache config file on your local system of course needs to have an entry for home.

Most modern browsers cache redirects pretty intensely also.