Quick (probably stupid) question

Ok I just set up phpBB2 and I created a subdomain for this purpose:


Now my problem is this: when installed phpbb2 I put it in root/phpBB2/ and now when I go to forums.mydomain.com I get an “Index of /” with the entries:

Parent Directory

Now I’ve tried to use the domain manager to redirect forums.mydomain.com to forums.mydomain.com/phpBB2/ as well as the “Display another site at your domain” option but both of these tell me I can’t point/redirect to the original domain! Did I screw this up? Do I need to just start over without the phpBB2 folder? And do I absolutely have to put the phpbb2 files in a phpBB2 folder when installing it?

Any help even just a junk it and restart cause there’s nothing you can do would be fine…lol in case you couldn’t tell I’m a pretty new to this :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,


P.S. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum I was debating on putting it in General Troubleshooting but I was hoping there was something I could do with phpbb2 without having to scrap it and start over…

Just rename phpBB2 to “forums.example.com” (where example.com is your domain). To do this in actual practice, you’d need to move phpBB2 down a level to your home directory, remove the forums.example.com directory, and then rename phpBB2 to that. There are other ways of doing it too, but that’s probably the simplest and easiest.