Quick Install File Location

I set up wordpress about a week ago using the one-click install. I have no problem using ssh, ftp, or webftp. My question is, and by reading previous posts the wordpress files are ‘elsehere.’ So where exactly do I find/edit WP files?
The wordpress site works fine and I have a separate page setup in my /home/user/mydomain, but no WP files are to be found. Any tips would be appreciated. Would or are they owned by root? Should I install manually by uploading the wordpress tarball? Any suggestions would be most welcome!

If you want access to the files you need to use the ‘Advanced’ One-Click setup.

The ‘Easy’ mode (like DreamhostApps) is installed on a core server.

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Thanks, I did try the advanced before but ended up with broken themes, twice! Perhaps I can fix that another way. I’ll do the advanced install asap. I appreciate the help.