Quick Email PHP Form Question

Hi everyone,

I use this script on my other web host. But here on DreamHost it doesn’t work. Any ideas why it wouldn’t work. Perhaps it’s a PHP4 vs PHP5 thing? How would I make it work?

Here is the form page code…

And this is the process page code…

<?php mail ('bschiff55@gmail.com', 'subjectYo', 'this is the message', 'from: yoyo@schiffwebdesign.com'); ?>

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Any help will be GREATLY appreciated,

You have not shown us the whole script, but I’m willing to bet your problem lies with register_globals. I recommend reading the following wiki articles:

  1. PHP Form Processing
  2. PHP mail()

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Well it turns out my script worked out after all, it just took literally 10-15 minutes for the emails to actually be sent. Maybe the server I’m on was just overloaded at the moment.