Quick-and-dirty Flash animation



I’m totally new to Flash development, but a project scope creep is mandating that I at least give a basic animation my best. I’m working with a 600KB black-and-white Quicktime animation which I need to translate to a non-interactive, looping Flash animation on a static html page. What I’m looking for is a basic list of steps for accomplishing:

  1. Import process (I think I’ve got this part down)
  2. Resize animation without losing image quality (I tried this and it ended up a bit grainier)
  3. Place the final animation in the body of a static html page & have it play in a continuous loop, sans visible buttons.
  4. Bonus 1: crop right-hand and left-hand edges for easier placement.
  5. Bonus 2: time looping so that there are 10-second pauses in between playing.

I think this is all I need. I’m looking at the tutorials and a book and am getting worried that I won’t have enough time to build up my skills properly, so thought I’d try the fishing approach this round.