Does DreamHost allow their customers to place ads and banners are their web site to make money?

Are customer’s allowed to sell their space/bandwidth?

Yes. You can pretty much put anything on your website as long as it doesn’t violate and CA laws or United States laws.

Of-course. As wjd said, if its legal in the United States, then you are free to host it. How you monetize your site(s) is totally up to you.

Yes, you can resell your hosting at whatever price you wish. DreamHost do offer a few features to make this process easier (real machine users, panel privileges etc.), but you should be aware that you can not ‘brand’ the panel, so if your clients require admin panel acccess they will be aware that they are hosted at DreamHost.


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Do you mean to put ads in your website or DH’s website? If you intend to put ads in your website, go ahead. If you intent to put ads in DH’s website, you post in the wrong place. You should ask DH support team.

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[quote]Are customer’s allowed to sell their space/bandwidth?


You can, but if your sites overload the server, you’ll have to make other arrangements.

They need more support help.
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