Loads of questions…

Whats the mysql server like? Does it go down often?
Is it reliable, fast, how many connections can it support?
Does it support remote connections or just local ones, and is sql use counted as part of the server cpu minute usage?

Do all plans have the 60 minute limit? What does the code monster plan have? How often do sites approach that limit?
What sort of sites have hit that limit, how busy were they?
Is the limit flexible, or is it you hit it, your out? Do you get warning?

Also important point - why is it hidden in the small print that paypal payments are not covered on the money back guarentee? I almost signed up, to pay with paypal, and noticed on the forum that the money back guarentee does not apply if you pay by paypal.

Why is that? Surely a lot of people pay with paypal, it seems misleading to offer a money back guarentee and to then not honour it if someone pays in cold hard cash via paypal funds. Plus its not very encouraging to think that as I would pay via paypal I am not covered if the hosting is not up to scratch, or suitable for my needs.

Also, has support improved since a few years ago, many moons ago I paid dreambook for some advertising on the dreambook, and they double billed me - when I emailed about it, no one bothered to reply… Hopefully things are a little more professional now?

Is there a phpinfo page that we can see to find out what the php configuration on a code monster account is?

What happens if a site actually uses all the storage space or bandwidth you allocate?


MYSQL is very dependable for me, but there have been some issues with certain servers. I believe that for the most part mysql is very reliable and fast. There are serveral mysql servers so just becuase my sites have excellent mysql there’s always a chance yours wont.

[quote]does it support remote connections


Yes. By default only dreamhost machines can access the database, but you can easly edit access rights by IP through the panel.

[quote]Do all plans have the 60 minute limit


Well coded sites will most likely not have issues with this limit. If you have a wordpress blog or phpbb forum that starts getting a lot of hits you may run into problems. This stems from the fact that the page is generated by each page load. There’s several ways to ‘stream-line’ site should it become an issue.

You can search the forum for specifics on how much traffic people were actually getting when they hit problems, and what apps they were using.

The limis isn’t really flixible, but you do have a chance to fix things up. First be sure and turn on resource reporting so you can see how much CPU time your sites are taking up. If you see you’re starting to get close to the limit, start working on it before you reach the limit. Most of the time if you do go over the alloted time you’ll be moved to an evualation server. This server has far fewer people on it, and will give you an enviroment where you can keep your sites up while working on reducing CPU time. I think that most of the time people are given a month to either fix the problem or find a new hosting solution (normally a dedicated server would be offered - but they heavn’t given out any new ones for several months now)

As far as payal goes I think you also can’t use paypal if you’re going to use a promo code. Paypal isn’t a very nice company and makes things difficult for returns and such. Dreamhost acecpts CCs and is perfectly secure, so why not just pay that way?

I have always gotten intelligent and helpful responses from support. Theyr’e not the fastest in the business though. They ‘strive to answer all support requests within 24 hours’. It used to say they promised to do so, but now they jsut strive. The problem is when the have some big sale or such there’s a huge influx of customers and they bring lots of questions with them.

I normally get a reply from support within one hour, sometimes much less. I don’t normally need to contact support through. And I think most poeple agree that it’s worht waiting for the reply from support because they always respond with helpful replies. Not like some places that don’t really read what you wrote about, and just spit back standard replies.

you can see for phpinfo pages. If there’s something there that interfers with what you want to do, you can always compile your own version of php4 or 5. There’s instructions in the wiki.

There’s standard chages for overages on bandwidth and disk usage. Don’t forget that your alotements also grow weekly. Just becuase you start out with x bandwidth and disk space, it automatically gets bigger each week.



Yep. I will do my best to answer the ones I know, but I am sure others will provide answers to any I miss. :slight_smile:

The MySQL ‘server’ is actually many different MySQL servers, so I guess performance could differ, depending on what particular box your database ends up on.

Personally, since hosting with DreamHost, I have not encountered any MySQL related problems on my sites. However, from time to time I do see reports in the forum of others with MySQL issues, so the situation is not perfect, but I doubt it could be in such a shared environment.

Since the databases do not exist on the same box as your site files, MySQL performance is not as fast as on some other hosts, but I have always found the performance to be more than adequate.

As for connection limits. DreamHost measure connections/queries using something they call “Conueries”. There used to be hard limits on the number of Conueries you could consume per month, but this is no longer the case.


No, I believe only the CPU resources you use on your actual server is counted towards your CPU minutes total.

Yes. As far as I know, all plan types have the same 60 CPU minute limit.

I don’t think anyone other than DreamHost themselves could answer this question. All I can say is that I have not encountered the limits with my sites as yet (far from it).

I do occasionally see posts in the forum from users who have encountered the CPU limit. These users are invariably running PHP based forum software. I doubt it is the forum software itself that causes the problems, more likely plugins that the users have picked up that are not particulary CPU resource friendly.

I believe the normal procedure once you exceed the CPU limit is a warning. You may even be moved to a special evaluation server while you attempt to lower your CPU usage.

You would have to ask DreamHost that. I should note, that PayPal payments are also not accepted if you intend to use a promo-code when signing up.

If you are concerned about the guarantee, I would suggest using a credit card or debit card when signing up.

I can’t say I have had too many problems with support. Critical issues are always answered in a timely fashion. Although, non critical issues can take a while (over 24 hours) before you receive a response. This is one area where I believe DreamHost definitely has room for improvement.

If you actually exceed the limits, you will be charged excess fees of $0.10/MB for disk space and $1/GB for bandwidth.

However, if you notice that you are approaching the limits, you can always upgrade your plan or add another plan to your account. This can be done via the panel and does not result in any down time for your sites.

Man, that sure was a lot of questions :slight_smile: I hope I didn’t miss too many.


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The answers above are all quite reasonable. They apply to all the plans.

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