Hi guys.

I have some questions about Dreamhost. Currently I have a shell account over at Kirenet. I get unlimited shell disk space over there and 1 GB of web space. You say that you get 4.8 GB of disk space, is that public or private space (or is it shared between both)?

What type of shell do you offer? Can I run an IRC client like bitchx from it? FTP? Lynx?

I currently have my own domain name which I just parked at Godaddy and forwarded to my Kirenet web address. If I sign up with Dreamhost, I can have it so I can just have seen facing the Internet and not something like

I believe the space quoted is total available space. How much of that you make publicly accessable is totally up to you. Also, the disk space grows by 40MB for each week (a kind of loyalty bonus).

FTP and Lynx should not be a problem, but I am not sure about things such as IRC clients. As a general rule, anything that does not consume too many CPU/Memory resources will be fine.

Yes, you can point your existing domain to your DreamHost space, or move the domain across and host it at DreamHost. You will also get another free domain registration with most (all?) DreamHost plans.


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