I have a few questions about this host before I spend my money on it.

  1. Will it allow remote loading of my images to other site (i.e. Neopets)?

  2. Is is easy to understand? Not complicated to upload, change your page coding, so on.

  1. Yes

  2. Just find a good FTP client and you should be set to go. It also might be a good idea to pick up a book on HTML because Dreamhost doesn’t have templates or anything. You have to upload your HTML files via ftp :slight_smile:

More on “2.”:
Dreamhost also has a very active, friendly and helpful forum community (which you’re currently reading) and many of your potential questions could be quickly from fellow customers within a day or two.


… and their customer sevice is top notch…

Visit me, please…

DreamHost doesn’t have Mickey Mouse features like “Web Site Generators” and free web page templates. It’s really a professional web hosting company. In that context, it is very easy to understand and use.

DreamHost is unique in that they developed, from scratch, their own web hosting panel and tools, instead of using commercial web panel software like cPanel, Plesk or whatever. It is unlike any other web panel you’re likely to come across. It is a very simple, elegant, powerful, easy-to-understand and easy-to-use web panel.

Another thing for you to consider is that DreamHost is a really great, reliable web hosting company, definitely one of the best if not the best. They are very proficient technically, very friendly, have great tech support, care a lot about their customers’ hosting experience and constantly strive to make it a good one. But perhaps their most important characteristic is their honesty: they won’t give you the run-a-round when there’s a problem, they’ll just deal with it and fix it ASAP. They don’t try to hide problems from their customers either; instead, they send out emails to inform us when they discover problems and let us know what they’re going to do about them! Not that this happens very often, but when it does they face up to any problems right away.

DreamHost now features a 91 Day Money Back Guarantee. That’s 3 Months! If you sign up and don’t like DreamHost for any reason, just take advantage of the 91 Day Money Back Guarantee, quit and get all of your money back, no questions asked! And don’t forget, the Code Monster hosting package is still on sale at just $19.95 a month! [color=#0000CC]Here’s a shortcut in case you’d like to go sign up for dreamhosting right now! [/color][color=#FFFFFF]…[/color][color=#0000CC]: )[/color]

Another thing you could do is just sign up for a DreamHost WebID. You can get a WebID now and sign up for any hosting plan you like at any time in the future using that same WebID. With a WebID you can log on to this board and better participate in discussions, log in to DreamHost itself and park domains for free, etc. A WebID can give you a bit of a feel for what it’s like to be a DreamHost customer without having a hosting plan and without having to pay anything at all! If you like it, you can sign up for the hosting plan that best fits your needs and budget, and still have that 91 day Money Back Guarantee as a safeguard in case you change your mind. If you don’t like it, then don’t sign up for any plan. It’s no problem! [color=#0000CC]Here’s a shortcut in case you’d like to go get a DreamHost WebID right now! [/color][color=#FFFFFF]…[/color][color=#0000CC]: )[/color]

Happy Hosting!

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I’ve just signed-up for an account with DreamHost, so I can tell what I’ve found.

  1. For an average webmaster it can be a bit frustrating at first. Other hosts provide a nice file manager package to get you up and running fast. Not here. You’re basically on your own, but this can be good thing.

  2. At first I was mad that I just couldn’t get my site up. I had to get WS_FTP and Putty. But now things are working like a charm, and I like the new methodology on how things work.

  3. Here’s how I work: I keep my files on my PC and use PHPEdit as an editor. Once I make a modification, I FTP the file using WS_FTP. This actually works much better than using a klunky linux text editor.

  4. Using Putty allows you to open a SSH window, and you can issue Linux commands. This gives you more power, but it’s a pain at first. I’m a little weak in the Linux department, so I had to get up to speed on this stuff quickly. It really only delayed me slightly. I mainly use Putty for unzipping files.

So overall you have more power with this host, but it takes longer to get going initially.

At least for me, I’ve only implemented file managers for non-technical users.

If one uses windows, they can use Explorer to FTP and edit file just as they would locally. On a Mac, I use Interarchy and build FTP disks which mirror the site both ways. Interarchy also has a GUI to the most common permissions. I’m not sure what other commands you need.

File managers seem odd to me because most users use Windows which can FTP via Explorer. Then the GUI they are used to and the login instructions are about the same.